Justice League Teleporter


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In the differing versions of the Justice League, the teleportation technology can be divided into two types, that which requires some means of teleportation technology at the other end of the process and that which doesn’t.

Remote teleporting is less reliable that direct transporting.

Direct teleportation is represented by the Justice League technologies of; Slideways, Teleport Tubes and the Zeta-Beam. These direct teleporters almost always work and are quite reliable (with the exception of the Zeta-Beam which can be affected by the weather).

Jle transporter

Remote teleporting require a perfect perception roll (DC 20) to retrieve or send. If a Justice League Communicator is at the remote source, a targeting perception check is unnecessary. Remote teleporters are very unreliable in general and can be easily blocked.

When a teleporter malfunctions it typically doesn’t work (thanks to safety features in the teleporter) or will re-direct the subject to another teleporter (possibly in a villain’s lair).

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The Justice League is working on reverse-engineering salvaged Boom Tubes…

Justice League Teleporter

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